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History of OPML

Starting with Radio UserLand as a client-side blogging software package from UserLand Software, including an RSS aggregator, outliner and scripting language, OPML has a long history behind it.

Userland was originally created by Dave Winer where he now maintains and develops OPML.org Dave Winer is well known for his blog Scripting News along with convincing The New York Times to adapt RSS for it's online version.

Join the conversation

During our quest for an icon during an OPML related project, TagJag.com for Chris Pirillo, we realized we needed to develop our own. You are free to take this icon and spread it around the community, use it for your own projects, or create derivatives. The only thing we request is that you release your creation under the same license to the community.

Dave Winer's post that was originally referenced was incorrectly quoted. We apologize for any misunderstanding, we did not intentionally mean to mislead. Dave Winer was originally requesting an icon to point to Validated OPML.

Pertaining to this project, Chris Pirillo originally contacted Dave in July and although he was not in favor of it he suggested we get more feedback.

Dave Winer: Scripting News: ".... To link from HTML to an OPML version of the data behind the page, I generally use the white on orange XML icon, as I have for years, and I'm not going to change that. Hopefully that's pretty clear"

View Chris Pirillo's post from Gnomedex:

We will be posting alternate designs that have been proposed shortly. This site is inspired by the Feedicons.com project. The original files for the OPML icons are derivatives of the Illustrator source files by Matt Brett.